Money Musings

Articles to help people understand and solve the common problems associated with money choices, patterns and the day-to-day management of money issues.

Start Talking to Yourself, I Promise You’ll Love It!

Have you heard the phrase  “The answer is within you”? We often look outside ourselves, reading books or perhaps following the latest personal development or career experts to give us the secret ingredient to turning

Is Your Money In Bed With You?

Are you in a long term committed relationship where you share every aspect of your life together? Is your money in that relationship too? I'm not talking about sharing everything equally despite who earns it,

How To Tackle Your Spouse’s Overspending

If one too many surprising holiday credit card charges has you sweating, it’s time for a chat with your spouse. Beware: As Deborah Price, author of The Heart of Money: A Couple’s Guide to Creating

When Investing in Yourself is Better than Bricks and Mortar

When you think about investing to acquire wealth for your future what comes to mind? Shares? Property? Managed funds? Fixed term deposit? Perhaps superannuation? What if investing in YOURSELF can have a bigger impact that all of the above?

Are You Cheating On Your Spouse — Financially?

“Yes, I paid that bill.” There are two primary reasons why people hide money moves from their significant other. Number one: “You might feel controlled by your partner, so you act out as a form

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