When you think about investing to acquire wealth for your future what comes to mind?

Shares? Property? Managed funds? Fixed term deposit? Perhaps superannuation?

What if investing in YOURSELF can have a bigger impact that all of the above? What do I mean by investing in yourself? Well, let’s explore a few ways that you can invest in yourself and work towards being achieving the financial freedom you desire.

What about owning a business? That’s an investment in your financial future, right? What could be more of an investment than you being 100% totally in control of the amount of income you generate. When you are self employed the buck stops with you. If you don’t work the business, no money comes in and you can’t support yourself or your family. However the exciting part about owning your business is if you are totally focussed, with goals and inspired direction, you are rewarded by generating more income than you ever thought possible and can create an amazing life for you and your family. So, that’s an investment, right?

If you are employed, you could improve your skills so you are eligible for a promotion. If management appeals to you for example, you could take a leadership course, or obtain an MBA and upskill yourself. That investment could be worth a much higher salary for you in 12 months time than the cost of the course fees.

Are you so bored and drained by your job that you spend all day wishing ‘if only….’.

What if instead you said “What if…?”

What if you could do something else? What if by doing a course in another field it opens up a whole other world of opportunity and personal fulfilment for you? The course cost would be an investment, wouldn’t you agree?

How about if you decided you like property as a vehicle for building wealth but have no idea what negative gearing or depreciation is? How would you find out these things? You could invest in acquiring those skills by reading books, attending seminars, subscribing to property groups to educate yourself. You could join a mentoring program where you can be taken through all the ins and outs of building a property portfolio. Wouldn’t that time and effort be an investment in your financial future?

Imagine how much more empowering it would be to build a property portfolio fully understanding what you are doing, rather than purchasing a property on a whim because your friends buy property. Imagine if you then found out the one you bought was in the wrong location, was riddled with termites and you couldn’t get a tenant? Oh, and did I mention you didn’t do your research so you didn’t find out until 6 months after you bought the property that a major road is about to be redirected straight past your house? Sounds like a nightmare, right? By making an investment in yourself you can empower yourself with all the right knowledge so you make informed decisions that are aligned with your financial goals.

Of course, none of the things I have mentioned, including investing in shares or managed funds can happen if you don’t have the right money skills..

….If you don’t know how to budget.

….If you don’t track how much income you have coming in, or is going out.

And even before that, comes exploring  the way you DO money. By this I mean, uncovering past money behaviours that may no longer be serving you.

You can’t achieve financial freedom if you don’t understand why money seems to run through your fingers like water, why you keep making the same mistakes with your money over and over again.

You can’t make empowering decisions that are aligned with your personal values if you make decisions based on other people’s money habits like your parents, or your friend who may be on a totally different income to you and has different commitments. Your experience is your experience, and no 2 people are alike.

Money coaching is an investment. It’s an investment in your financial future. It’s an investment in you creating a breathtaking life, in helping you let go of self–sabotaging money patterns that are holding you back from living the beautiful life you desire.

Don’t you deserve to make that investment in yourself to achieve financial freedom?

A great place to start is with my Money Quiz to explore what behaviours you may have that are holding you back. I offer a complimentary 30 minutes session so complete the Money Quiz and let’s see where it could take you!