Behavioural Money Coaching is a form of financial coaching that focuses on the psychological and behavioural aspects of money management. It combines elements of money psychology and  behavioural science techniques to help individuals overcome their emotional barriers and develop healthier financial habits.

The goal of Behavioural Money Coaching is to address the underlying beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours that may be impeding a person’s ability to effectively manage their finances. It recognises that our relationship with money is often complex and influenced by our past experiences, emotions, and thought patterns. By understanding and addressing these psychological factors, individuals can make positive changes in their financial lives.

A Behavioural Money Coach like myself typically works with clients one-on-one to explore their financial goals, values, and challenges. By working individually with each client, I am able to go deeper with you to create lasting change that can impact generations to come. I help clients identify any self-limiting beliefs or negative patterns that may be hindering their financial progress. Through various techniques such as cognitive restructuring, goal setting, and accountability, as a coach I assist you in developing new habits and attitudes towards money.

Once you understand WHY you have made certain money decisions in the past, and we work together to replace them with more empowering thoughts and actions. We then work together to create a Spending Plan and Money Rules that align with your financial goals to create a life you love.

Here are some common areas that Behavioural Money Coaching may address:

  1. Changing financial behaviours: Identifying and modifying unhealthy financial behaviours such as impulse buying, overspending, or emotional spending.
  2. Overcoming financial stress and anxiety: Addressing the emotional aspects of money management, reducing financial stress, and promoting a healthier relationship with money.
  3. Financial goal setting: Assisting clients in setting achievable financial goals, creating action plans, and providing ongoing support and accountability.
  4. Budgeting and cash flow management: Helping clients create and stick to a realistic budget, track their expenses, and make conscious spending choices.
  5. Debt management: Assisting clients in developing strategies to pay off debt, prioritise debt payments, and avoid future debt.
  6. Saving and investing: Encouraging clients to establish saving goals, automate savings, and understand the basics of investing. Please note I am NOT a financial planner and as such am unable to provide guidance on how to invest savings or invest. You will be recommended to seek further advise with a qualified professional when you are in a position to explore these avenues.

Behavioural Money Coaching can be beneficial for individuals who want to improve their financial well-being but struggle with the psychological barriers that prevent them from making lasting changes. It can provide valuable insights, guidance, and support to help individuals develop healthier money habits and achieve their financial goals.

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