Just let it out so you can move on!

I’ve been reading a great book called Prince Charming Isn’t Coming about how important it is for us to be responsible for our own financial well-being.

I really love the message, that we don’t need a man, or winning the lottery or receiving an inheritance to rescue us. That we have to remember we were all born with wings to fly under our own steam and we don’t need an outside influence to give us what we need so we are taken care of financially.

But you know what? When life gets hard, when it gets tough on this road to financial empowerment, having someone (or something) else to rescue us sounds like the perfect solution. To be relieved of all that WORK, all that positive thinking, all that staying focussed on the end goal that can feel so FUTILE at times when things seem to stay still, can seem like a dream come true!

But then…Something happens to remind us why we are on this path. It shows us that the power IS inside us to create our life any way we choose. And we DON’T need to be rescued to achieve that – as Lisa Nichols said, we can be our OWN rescuer.

The simple thing is we just have to choose we want a different outcome. Make a decision that we won’t accept anything less. Take action in no matter how small a way to get back on track so you are heading in the right direction and don’t get stuck on the path of mediocrity.

I promised you I would be real, so I’ll let you in on a little secret…..Even though I have decades of experience in the financial industry, sometimes it is tough for me too, to get where I want to be. You are NOT alone, believe me! Life sometimes throws me curve balls from all directions which I am sure is to test my commitment to my goals and the life I want to create. I too waver in my focus, my abilities, in my self-belief…. I am, after all, just a woman like you, trying to create a breathtaking life in the best way I know how.

I actually had a huge rant out loud to the universe as I was driving this morning, fully conscious as I was doing so that I was putting out negative energy that would only come back to me if I stayed in that headspace. It felt good to yell and curse out loud about the frustrations I was feeling as I no longer held it inside. The negativity and being in victim mode can only fester and get worse if you don’t find some way to release it. Journaling normally works for me to express my thoughts as well as reading my affirmations, but not this time! I know women who use exercise to get out their frustrations – maybe I need to take up boxing for days like today!

You need to know that EVERYONE has the exact same challenges and frustrations as you at times, no matter where they are in life. I have days, weeks even where I am in such an inspired headspace I lose track of time, but then when the doubt and uncertainty creeps in and takes a hold – you know, the negative self-talk I’m talking about, and when I seriously waver about whether I can achieve all that I want to, I have to CONSCIOUSLY take action and just do the smallest thing I can to try and shift my mindset. And then do another, and then do another until I have let go of the negative energy and am back on track.

YOU have helped me today. YOU became my action step to letting go of the negative vibe I found myself in by allowing me to share my personal frustrations and let you know you are not alone. We are all on this learning path together as we work towards creating that breathtaking life we so richly deserve.

If you find yourself sinking into self-doubt, frustration or insecurity make sure you acknowledge it, release it, and then refocus on what’s important to you, because that breathtaking life is yours for the taking. It won’t magically appear to you – you have to go out and embrace it with both hands as if your life depends on it. Because, it does really!

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