A Prosperity Line is an imaginary line in your bank account where you make a commitment to yourself that you won’t let the balance dip below this level.

It’s one of the Money Rules I encourage clients to put in place.
It’s the new zero balance that you put in place for yourself.
I’m sure we have all had moments at one time or another when we are at the checkout and are mentally doing a check to see how much money is in our bank account before we pay.
A self-imposed Prosperity Line – versus $0 balance which is a Poverty Mindset – takes away that uncertainty, especially in the early days when you are building your Money Muscle to be stronger as your confidence grows.
Knowing that you have at least $100, $200 or even $500 in your account at all times gives you the confidence when you are going about your day, so you don’t have that sudden money panic when paying for your groceries or something you need. If you do need to dip into it, the intention is to make concerted efforts to get the balance back up as quickly as possible so your inbuilt safety net in firmly back in place.
In my wallet, I always have a $100 note that has been there for years. It gives me the confidence of knowing that if I ever get stuck, I can call a taxi, get medicine, buy myself a meal or cover most small emergencies if I unexpectedly find myself caught short and can’t get access to my bank account.
It’s kind of like my wallet’s Prosperity Line!
Do you know what is the zero in your bank account right now, that you subconsciously have in place?
Is it when you have nothing left?
Is it when you have exhausted your Overdraft or credit card limit?
Or do you have a set limit like $500 that you have in your account at all times?
I encourage you to embrace this practice.
If you are just starting to get on top of your money practices, you can start with something low like $100, and gradually increase it to a level that takes away that uncertainty for you. It’s different for everyone, so go with what feels best to remove that level of uncertainty that can be experienced if there is no Prosperity Line in place.
Every step helps. It all builds to you becoming more confident and be a great steward of all money that comes your way.
Your Money Matters 🫶