It’s Friday, so for our Money Date I usually like to offer a suggestion to help you strengthen your money muscle, however today I wanted to share with you an experience I personally had, when I had to look internally and be honest with myself, instead of being swayed by what others were doing.

Perhaps it will help you too, to take a moment to go within, and ensure you stay in YOUR lane, and be true to yourself and the impact you KNOW you can make on others.

I put my hand up and admit I can be guilty of being swayed by the Bright Shiny Object Syndrome, of thinking I need to do THAT, or I need to have THIS to be successful…

I often see what other coaches are doing in the online space, and can get caught up in thinking “I need all the things” in order to attract new clients.

This is where my daily journaling is helping me at the moment, as I re-centre myself, come back to ME and remind myself that only I have MY message.

Only I have my particular skills I have built up over many years in the finance industry as a mortgage broker, finance strategist and behavioural money coach to deliver lasting change in helping women understand how they ‘do” money in MY way.

Of providing value without being a copycat of someone else, or tweaking my offerings because I think I need to do things in a certain way because others are doing it a bit different to me.

It was very humbling last week to have another company reach out to me to consider offering a year long program to their clients.

I wasn’t looking for it.

I wasn’t approaching companies like this to offer my services.

They looked at the content I was sharing and considered me to be a great match to add value for their clients.

It was through my messaging on my website and through social media, of sharing my message in an authentic way, that this opportunity has presented itself.

It may or may not come to fruition, however I know I am a winner anyway, because it has given me the confidence and certainty to continue sharing my voice in an organic way where my insights come through naturally.

It was a great reminder for me to “stay in my lane” and continue down the path I am following – or rather, forging through unknown territory as Money Coaching becomes more and more widely recognised as an important step in helping clients live a more fulfilling life.

How confident are you in what you are offering to potential clients?

Do you know your “lane”?

In another business group I am in, someone shared that they just had an online launch and overnight made over £1M with a £2,000 program. After last week’s experience, I was curious to see how that landed with me.

At first my thought was how crazy is that!

It is such a big number it’s hard to actually connect with it.

Then, I thought…am I missing out on revenue by not having an online self-paced program that can be ‘launched’ several times a year.

And then, as I sat more with my thoughts….

I remembered my goal, my mission if you like….

My intention of She Wealth..

MY lane…

To guide one woman at a time to heal their relationship with money to create a life they love.

To create THEIR version of what a Wealthy Life would feel like.

I don’t believe I can do that in a mass environment.

My work is too personally tailored.

We go deep.

We get uncomfortable.

But then, as your reward for being brave for acknowledging you want to do better, and taking the steps to doing things differently, you get to create your beautiful life.

We get out the torch and shine it on areas where your money decisions are affecting your everyday life you are living.

We tweak and wind and weave as we go, depending on what comes up for you whilst still following an exclusive framework throughout our time together.

Like Robin Sharma says, all change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle but gorgeous at the end!

I don’t believe I will create as big an impact for each woman who decides to work with me without doing the deep dive work we do to uncover the default behaviours you may not even be aware of.

THAT’S my lane and I’m happy to continue my business working 1:1 with my clients into the future.

I may do small group info sessions or workshops but the real work will always be 1:1

It’s easy to see what others are doing and be swayed by what is successful for them, so you might get a feeling maybe you should consider changing direction and say ‘I’ll have what she’s having!”

(Let’s leave that phrase for wanting better orgasms!! I’m sure we’ve all seen that famous scene in the iconic movie When Harry Met Sally!)

Stay in your lane and be true for what’s right for you.

If you be true to yourself your success could blow you away and far exceed what others are doing, instead of being swayed by the results of others, in being unauthentic in trying to replicate what they are doing and falling short of the success that’s meant for you.

Bring YOU to the table with your own unique skills, abilities and your energy.

Someone out there is looking for someone just like you, to help to create an amazing life that leaves us feeling fulfilled by the life we choose to live.

Stay in your lane and be true for what’s right for you.

It’s not always about the money.

Your Money Matters 🫶