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Michelle HolmesHi, thanks for being curious about how Money Coaching could help you.

I’m the founder of She Wealth and a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® who specialises in the behavioural side of money. I am passionate about helping my clients transform their relationship with money so they can achieve their greatest financial potential.

I work predominantly with women who want to become more financially aware and create greater financial balance within their own personal relationship with money. I also work with men who want to partner more effectively with their spouse to have a positive and rewarding relationship with their finances together.

Having worked in the finance industry for over 30 years as a Mortgage Broker and Finance/Wealth Strategist, I have worked with many clients who had great intentions to achieve sound financial goals however never seemed to achieve what they desired. This piqued my interest as to why some people never achieved their goals no matter how hard they tried, and yet others did through very little effort. There have been others yet again who started with the best of intentions yet lost momentum within a very short space in time. It’s been said that within 9 months of a financial plan being created the majority of plans are put away in a drawer forgotten. The answer as to why, we now know, lies in our subconscious money behaviours.

As a result of seeing these patterns being repeated with many clients, I started exploring money behaviours several years ago. When I personally experienced feeling disempowered around money in a past relationship this led me to explore and undertake further study and training to become a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® through the Money Coaching Institute. I felt compelled to help other women identify their money patterns and help them transform their own relationship with money. This training helped me to understand the conditioning that can be deeply ingrained in our subconscious from past experiences from our surrounding environment that can sometimes go back as far as our childhood.

As a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, I take clients through a ground-breaking Core Process, which combines the latest in neuroscience, and money psychology, to help uncover and understand self-sabotaging money patterns that many are not even aware exist. Behavioural Money Coaching is an emerging and timely field that is growing rapidly around the world, which helps to bridge the gap between past decisions that were subconsciously driven and becoming masterful with money.

Once you have been taken through the Core Process, it is time to start looking at the practical side of ‘how you do money’. Without identifying the past behaviours and barriers to you making better money decisions, you very likely will subconsciously default back to learned behaviours that are no longer serving you. It is for this reason that all clients of She Wealth are taken through the Core Process when we first start working together.

Through She Wealth I aim to empower my clients with the core philosophies of the Tree of Life, those being Strength, Wisdom, Balance and Prosperity to create a transformational relationship with money that will flow into other areas of your life. The light shining through the Tree of Life in my logo is representative of the breakthrough I believe clients will experience as a result of being taken through this life changing program.

I am a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, Accredited Mortgage Broker, Advanced Mortgage Planner, as well as a Wealth and Finance Strategist specialising in property as my chosen area of expertise.

Please see Beyond The Core Process for details of how I can assist you further once you have been taken through the Core Process.

Looking forward to helping YOU step into your Money Power,

Michelle Holmes

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